list of MBA Colleges in Bangalore with Fees Details

Do not miss Out 50 + Fees details of MBA Colleges in Bangalore.

S.No MBA Colleges BangaloreAdmission CoursesFees for 2 yr. (INR Rs)
Acharya Bangalore B School
 6.50 Lakhs
2.Acharya School of ManagementMaster of Business Administration5.90 Lakhs
3.AIMS BangaloreMBA9.11 Lakhs
4.Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies MBA3.20 Lakhs
5.Alliance University MBA 8.00 Lakhs

6 to 10 List of MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fees

6.We-School (Welingkar)Postgraduate diploma management11.50 Lakhs
7.BIMS Bengaluru MBA3.50 Lakh
8.Christ University MBA 7.78 Lakh
9.CMR Institute of Technology MBA5.95 Lakh
CMR University
6.00 Lakhs

11 to 15 List of MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fees

11.Dayananda Sagar Business School PGDM6.00 Lakhs
12.Don Bosco Group Of Institutions MBA4.00 Lakh
13.East West College of Management MBA4.50 Lakh
14.Garden City University MBA5.45 Lakh
15.GIBS Business School PGDM6.50 Lakhs

16 to 20 List of MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fees

16.HKBK College of Engineering MBA4.00 Lakh
17.IFIM Business School PGDM11.00 Lakhs
18.IIBS Bengaluru PGDM7.45 Lakhs
19.Indian Academy School of Management studies MBA4.50 Lakh
20.Indian Institute of Plantation ManagementPGDM3.50 Lakhs

21 to 25 List of MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fees

Indus Business Academy
Postgraduate Diploma Management
6.98 Lakhs
22.IBMRMaster of Business Administration5.50 Lakh
23.Institute of Health Management ResearchPGDM5.95 Lakhs
24.International school of Business and Media (ISB&M)PGDM7.00 Lakhs
25.ISBR Business SchoolPGDM8.00 Lakhs

26 to 30 List of MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fees

26.ISME BengaluruPostgraduate diploma management5.95 Lakhs
ITM Business School
7.60 Lakhs
28.Surana CollegeMBA4.00 Lakhs
29.Jain University MBA5.15 Lakhs
30.Kirloskar Institute of advanced Management StudiesPGDM10.48 Lakhs

31 to 35 List of MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fees

31.koshys B-school BangloreMaster of Business Administration4.35 Lakh
32.Kristu Jayanti School of ManagementMBA6.00 Lakh
33.Krupanidhi school of managementMBA4.50 Lakh
34.MP Birla Institute of ManagementMBA5.61 Lakh
35.MS Ramaiah Institute of ManagementPGDM7.50 Lakhs

36 to 40 List of MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fees

36.MVJ College of EngineeringMaster of Business Administration4.00 Lakh
MYRA school of Business, Mysore
10.00 Lakhs
38.Xavier Institute of Management and EntrepreneurshipPGDM12.10 Lakhs
39.NITTE School of ManagementPGDM5.75 Lakhs
40.Oxbridge Business SchoolMBA2.50 Lakh

41 to 45 List of MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fees

41.Oxford Group of institutionMaster of Business Administration2.28 Lakh
42.PES universityMBA8.00 Lakh
Presidency University
5.60 Lakh
44.Regional College of ManagementPGDM4.00 Lakhs
45.Reva UniversityMBA3.22 Lakh

46 to 51 List of MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fees

46.Rims BengaluruPGDM5.50 Lakhs
47.RNS Institute of Technology MBA1.90 Lakh
48.Sambhram Institute of TechnologyMaster of Business Administration5.50 Lakh
St. Hopkins College
3.60 Lakh
50.St. Joseph’s Institute of ManagementMBA6.00 Lakh
51.St. Xavier’s CollegeMBA4.50 Lakh